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World of Remembrance is a permanent tribute to those that we have loved and lost.

We set up this website to allow you to create a FREE virtual memorial where you can go to remember your loved ones. Our FREE virtual memorials include a book of remembrance for friends and family to leave tributes and share their thoughts and memories and a photo gallery.

We're always developing the site and will be adding new features as we go along.

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Latest Memorials Added   The World Of Remembrance
Mrs Beverley Dopson
    28/8/1951 - 1/8/2007
    Added : 1st August 2014
Bonnie Eugenie Briggs
    9/4/1930 - 3/1/2014
    Added : 26th June 2014
Mr Jeffery Allen Hendricks
    18/11/1973 - 24/12/2013
    Added : 8th June 2014
    6/12/2013 - 22/4/2014
    Added : 16th May 2014
    9/8/1989 - 8/5/2000
    Added : 7th May 2014
Marissa G.
    // - //
    Added : 27th April 2014
Mrs Maureen Collins
    17/3/1929 - 9/2/2014
    Added : 17th March 2014
Gayla Alene Park
    8/5/1937 - 1/12/2013
    Added : 7th December 2013
Richard Leo Long
    // - 21/11/2013
    Added : 25th November 2013
Mr James C Turner
    15/7/1920 - 27/5/1985
    Added : 15th July 2013

The world of remembrance
A world set apart
A world we first visit with tears
The cost of admission is one broken heart
How painful that world first appears

The world of remembrance,
A world of recall
A world full of people who care
With portals of love that are open to all
Built on the memories we share

The world of remembrance
A world full of love
A world with no room for regret
As endless and bright as the sky up above
As long as we never forget

When the wonder and beauty
Of this world has passed
And life's tribulations are gone
As long as our love and our memories last
The world of remembrance lives on

By Catherine Turner