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In Loving memory of Miss Doris Laura Bagley
20th September 1928
30th November 1995

From Blackheath and Old Hill
West Midlands United Kingdom

Treasured Daughter of Alfred and Esther Bagley
of Blackheath
Beloved Sister of Elsie
Sister in law of Job Rock
Much loved Aunty Dot Of Christine, Catherine and Roy
Great Aunt of Glenn, Sean, Adam, Richard and Leanne

Aunty never had a family of her own so she gave us all her love and never asked for anything in return but our love and a little of our time

Rest in peace Aunt

Remembered By World Of Remembrance
Created On 14th February 2000
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By Chris on 30th November 2010
Remembering you today Aunt. x
By Chris on 27th October 2009
Soon be Bonfire night again Aunt. You loved it all didn't you. Memories are all mine to treasure.
By Christine on 22nd September 2007
Love you Aunt.
By Christine on 19th September 2006
It would have been your birthday tomorrow Aunt. Still think of you often and miss you. I wish I had done more for you when you were here but I do remember lots of good times.
By Christine on 29th November 2005
Tonight it will be ten years since I waved cheerio to you at the hospital. I can remember vividly how you waved back and I said see you tomorrow. I wish I had stayed because that was the night I had the call to say you were gone.
I Think of you often Aunt
Love Chris
By Christine on 29th September 2005
Hello Aunt,

I am keeping chickens now, you would have loved that wouldn't you? Any way we had some baby chicks hatch on your birthday so I shall name one after you. I shall wait and see which one is quiet and shy. Goodnight Aunt x.
By Christine on 1st December 2004
Thinking about you Aunt. Thanks for always being on my side. I'll never forget how you were there for me when Dad died. I love you. Chris x
By Christine on 21st September 2003
Hello - Yesterday would have been your birthday. You never forgot anyones birthday did you? I often think about you, not just on your birthday. We are having a bad time in the family at the moment and I wish you and Mom were here to talk to. I miss you both. Goodnight Aunt. Lots of love. Chris
By Christine Williams on 4th May 2002
Thinking of you Dot
I remembered to shout rabbits
Hope you heard me
Lots of love as always
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