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In Loving memory of Elsie Maria Rock
1st June 1923
29th October 2000

From Cradley Heath
West Midlands United Kingdom

Much loved Mother of Christine, Catherine and Roy

Mother-in-law of Janice, Graham, Rob and Howard

Grandmother of Glenn, Sean and Adam.
Leanne and Richard

Great Grandmother of Lily and Libbie

A faithful Wife and a good loving Mother, who appreciated the simple things and what was important in life.

Remembered By World Of Remembrance
Created On 14th February 2001
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By cath on 31st October 2010
I kick the leaves along the lane
And see again that Autumn dawn
Where nothing good was ever born,
While he who is not friend or foe
Marches on.

And now within the red and gold
A quiet room; eyes that smile;
Familiar hands inviting mine,
While love that could not be contained
Slips silently away.

I taste the salt, touch the scar,
And watch the leaf fall from the tree,
Wanting what can never be.

By chris on 29th October 2010
It was ten years last night since the last time that I saw your face and held your hand. I miss you Mom x
By cath on 25th August 2010
lovely to log on to this site and see your lovely face.its almost 10 years mom but still i miss you so much.Ever, your little girl.
By chris on 1st June 2010
Your birthday again Mom. Love you and miss your smile.
By Chris on 13th April 2010
I'm so glad that you were my Mom. Thanks for everything. x
By Chris on 27th October 2009
Mom, you were right,so many times over and about so many things. Love you always. xx
By chris on 5th September 2009
miss you mom x
By Christine on 28th October 2007
It's that time again Mom. Cath and Gra's wedding anniversary and the night I lost you forever. Wish you were here. I ran into Val not so long ago. I hadn't seen her for so many years but had been thinking about her. I wanted to ring you when I got home and tell you that I had seen her. I am spending some time with Cath tomorrow and I'm sure we shall been sharing a few memories. I love you Mom.
By Chris on 1st June 2007
Love you and miss you Mom
By Chris on 1st June 2006
Mom - your birthday is here again - wish you were here - need you to talk to.
Love you x
By Chris on 29th October 2005
It's that time of the year again Mom.Time flies by so fast. Thinking of you often and missing you always.
By Chris on 1st June 2005
Thinking of you on your birthday Mom. Love from all of us.
By Chris on 28th October 2004
Another year has passed. Thinking about you with an aching heart.
By Chris on 26th July 2004
Just found out that I'm going to have a grandchild. Adam and Kirstie are having a baby. I wish you and Dad had been here to tell my good news to. I know you would have both been happy.
Lots of love
By Chris on 1st June 2004
Thinking of you on your birthday Mom. Love from us all.
By Chris, Cath, Roy and all family on 30th October 2003
Hello again Mom,
Another year has passed and yesterday I went to Cath's with Janice and Matt. Lily was there and Leanne came later. We burned a candle and remembered happy times. We talked about Blackpool and laughed about that year that we dressed you up a Guy Fawkes to scare Dad when he came home from the pub. Thanks for all the good memories Mom. We will always love you.
By Chris, Cath, Roy and all family on 1st June 2003
Happy Birthday Mom

Cath is reading a poem dedicated to you on the radio today. We all miss you and love you as much as ever. Roy is happy in his new job so all is well.

Lots of love xxxx
By Chris, Cath, Roy and all family on 29th October 2002
Hello Mom,

We have all spoken to each other and can't believe another year has passed. You are still loved and missed more than you would ever have imagined. Wish I could pick up the phone and speak to you. Lots of love forever. x
By Cath on 15th October 2002
Heaven Can Wait

There she goes
Carried along on the wing of a prayer
A halo of poppies adorning her hair
Such a pitiful sight
In her collar of white
There she goes
From the nest of the nightingale see her arise
As the birth of the day marks the end of her life
See the peace spreading through
Her forget-me-not blue
There she goes
Leaving the pain of her life far behind
As the paths of Eternity gently unwind
Just look at her fly
She bedazzles the sky
There she goes
In the arms of the angels, the portals of pearl
Beckon her on to a parallel world
But she stops at the gate
Heaven can wait
There she goes
Turning her head for one lingering glance
At the ring-around-roses of grief's timeless dance
Then her smiles fill the sky
As she whispers goodbye
With one last gentle sigh
There she goes
By matty on 5th June 2002
I thought about you nanny guitar on your birthday hope you are happy i love you very much. I wish you could be here for my 9th birthday
By Chris on 31st May 2002
Thinking of you today Mom. It would have been your birthday tomorrow and we would probably have all been together at your house. I will have to be content to say thanks for all the hapy times that we did have together. We had some fun didn't we? You and Dad gave us a very happy life and I hope that I have learned some lessons from you about what is important in life. Bless you for just being you. Lots of love.
By Catherine Turner on 14th April 2002
Mother's Love

Of all the wonders in the world
Or in the Heavens above
The greatest wonder of them all
Must be a Mother's love

A love as strong as granite
Yet as gentle as a feather
With tender bonds of care
That bind a family together

But beauty must live out its day
And bonds of love must part
Leaving just a memory
To warm an empty heart

Her voice I'll never hear again
Her face I'll never see
Living on inside my mind
For all eternity

The greatest wonders man can build
Will all in time decay
But the wonder of a Mother's love
Can never fade away

Cath 2001
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