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In Loving memory of Job Alfred Rock
17th April 1922
29th March 1991

From Old Hill & Cradley Heath
West Midlands United Kingdom

Loving Husband of Elsie
Father of Christine, Catherine and Roy
Father-in-law of Janice, Graham, Rob and Howard
Grandad of Glenn, Sean and Adam
Leanne, Richard and Matthew
Great Grandad of Lily and Libbie Mai

A handsome man with forget-me-not blue eyes and a beautiful voice that I can still hear in my mind. You were my hero Dad and I lost you just as I was really getting to know you.

"Keep a green bough in your heart
and a singing bird will come"

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Created On 14th February 2001
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By cath turner on 24th August 2010
Oh carry me back to the child that I was where the story lies untold,When my father stood with his hand in mine and the sun was ever gold
By Chris on 13th April 2010
Its that time of year again Dad. My heart aches as much as ever. Forever your loving daughter. Missing you so much. x
By chris on 5th September 2009
Love you Dad x
By Chris and family on 29th March 2008
Nothing is right without you Dad - love you always.
By cath on 29th March 2008
seventeen years today dad since you left us.....'so sad that you will never see, the woman I've become'
By Glenn on 17th April 2007
Still wishing you were here to see what we're all doing. Miss you more than you'd ever have thought. x
By Chris on 16th April 2007
Love and miss you. Watched the Grand National on Saturday and thought about you. I wish you could be here for your birthday tomorrow. I will never get over losing you. x
By Chris on 27th February 2007
Hello Dad
I have been looking at your photograph again and thinking about you. Adam has a daughter now and I wonder if it was for us like it is for them. Adam dotes on Libbie and I hope that I brought you as much pleasure and love as she does for him. I always worshipped you. I knew you wanted a son so much and thought perhaps that I was a disappointment. I am hoping that for the first five years that I had you to myself we did have some loving times that perhaps I have forgotten now.
Love and miss you forever
By Chris on 22nd April 2006
I love you Dad
By Chris on 29th March 2006
Thinking of you Dad on this day when I am happy because it is Roy's birthday but sad because it it the anniversary of the day I lost you. My heart still aches when I remember that day. Love you more than ever and miss you so much. x
By Glenn on 15th January 2006
still think of you every day. still trying my best to grow into the kind of man you were. x
By Chris on 19th December 2005
Christmas is never the same without you and Mom
By Chris on 17th April 2005
Thinking of you on your birthday Dad. Wish you were still here. I need you so much at times. All my love.
Chris x
By Chris on 25th March 2005
It's Good Friday again Dad. Thinking of you with love.
By Chris on 24th April 2004
Hello Dad,
I couldn't write on the site on your birthday this year. I sat and stared for ages, remembering things, but couldn't find the words. You are so important to me in my life. I love you more than you could ever have imagined. I hope that you are somewhere and not gone forever. I remember to keep the green bough in my heart like you said.
Chris x
By Chris on 19th April 2003

Thought about you all day on your birthday. Love you more than ever and miss you such a lot.
Chris x
By Christine Williams on 17th April 2002
Happy Birthday Dad.

You are still here in my memory and my heart. Love and miss you.
By Glenn Williams on 14th April 2002
The Chair

It made me realise how much a person can change a room

It looked the same................Almost
Same three chairs, filled with all the same people. Same small wooden table under the same window. Same cabinet filled with the same glasses, ornaments and such.

It even smelled the same....Sunday dinners, and in Spring, which it was, the faintest tang of fresh cut grass.

But the difference.........Jesus

I can remember just standing there in the doorway, scared to go in. Scared. Can you believe it? Scared of entering the room where I'd spent some of my happiest times. Scared that by stepping over the threshold whatever had been taken from the soul of this room would be stolen from me for ever.

Thanks for the good times Grandad
By Catherine Turner on 14th April 2002
Too Late

Too late for hugs and kisses now
Too late for holding hands
Too late for whispered words of love
Too late for making plans

But not too late for memories
Not too late for pride
Not too late for quiet thoughts
And feeling warm inside

Too late to hear your laughter now
Too late to ease your pain
Too late to have another chance
To share your life again

Too soon to let the heartaches go
Or grief to rise above
Too late to hold you in my arms
But not too late to love

For you Dad from Cath
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